Seasonal Neighbours

Seasonal Neighbours
is a loosely-fixed collective or artists, designers and social scientists, focusing on different forms of seasonality and cohabitation. Every member shares a fieldwork experience somewhere on Europe’s countryside. Through art and design interventions, critical conversations, thoughtful representations and written research, this experience is subsequently explored through a myriad of themes: from the evolution of the metabolism of horticulture, the changing rural landscape and European labour migration stories, to questions about the economy of scale in the agriculture sector, domesticity, public space, new forms of citizenship, etc.
More info on our website: www.seasonalneighbours.com︎︎︎

In 2018, this project started with the House for Seasonal Neighbours︎︎︎, a pavillion installed next to the Aldi market of Borgloon as a public house for a private time. During 65 days it was activated with daily coffee moments, free barbecues and concerts, round-tables debates and film screenings. This project was realised in collaboration with Maximiliaan Royakkers.

In 2021 Maximiliaan and I are guiding the collective and continuing our architectural exploration of the topic. At this moment we are working on Houses for a Seasonal Neighbourhood︎︎︎, models and discussions around seasonal cohabitation with agricultural workers and functionaries in Hoogstraten.

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