Max and I, working on the House for Seasonal Neighbours



Happy to be part of

Seasonal Neighbours , an art collective interested in cohabitation and seasonality in Europe’s countryside︎︎︎
Jubilee, an artist-led platform, supporting each other in developing artistic research practices︎︎︎
Areaal, an exchange platform on art in rural space, led by Plan B︎︎︎
Veldwerkers, an initiative to think about an alternative future for the terril of Winterslag, led by C-mine Cultural Centre


Critical, spatial and social
My artistic practice deals primarily with place. Not the individual experience, but the shared living environment is central, which is why the projects are strongly social and public in nature. 
I studied architecture (and urbanism) and am still very interested in its matters-of-concern. But I also did a master in fine arts and embrace its criticality, the possibility for doubts and exchange.  

Situated and attentive
As a methodology, I like to engage with specific (symbolic) contexts, to inhabit them and to interact with its inhabitants, to participate in activities, to understand its belief system and regime, learn about its narratives from the past and its longed futures...
By spending a lot of time somewhere, I naturally enter into relation with it and others.

E-ducational and imaginary
With my artistic gestures I strive to a form of understanding or awareness, that can be both the beginning of knowledge (it encourages to gain knowledge) and the result of it.
The kind of knowledge I aim for, is not a knowledge that appeals to truth claims, but a knowledge that is embodies, situated and imaginary (that materialises other possibilities, new relations and underexposed perspectives).

Long-term & collective
I am not afraid of working in complex contexts where art is not evident, but I insist on being able to take time. I also like to collaborate with others (like the talented Maximiliaan Royakkers, Clémentine Vaultier, Maxime Brygo, ...).

Trans-disciplinary or un-disciplinary
I would simply not know what discipline I can claim with a degree in architecture, a love for art schools, an interest in philosophy, close relations with farmers, building (low tech) constructions ...  So as an amateur, led by questions, I reach for experts of different kinds and try to bridge/open up disciplined perspectives in a common project.

Institutional support
At this moment I am elaborating a pHd titled “The art of habitation in places of production” at LUCA school of arts (Ghent), in the research cluster Art, Pedagogy and Society. Within and beside this, I continue my artistic practice in close collaboration with other artists and artist platforms.

Research projects have been hosted by C-mine Genk; Artsonje Art Centre, Seoul; Z33, centre for contemporary art, Hasselt; Travail & Culture Roubaix
Works have been shown Flemish Architecture Institute, Antwerp (BE); Red Cross Museum, Geneva; 019 Ghent; Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels; Live In Your Head Gallery, Geneva...
Articles have been published in Oase journal, Metropolis M, De Witte Raaf, ...  Projects have been funded by the Flemish Government, De Buren, ...

Meeting on the in-between,  proposal for a fence of Parc des Bastions in Geneva
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